Man ____ man ____ man ____ God.

Somewhere down the line it all leads back to God. But down here I can’t find the verb. Influenced? Learned? So much for a Wordsworthy “spontaneous overflow of power feelings.” Or is the question not action and is what will be? Destroys! On paper I’ve harmed the thought.


No, no. Tear this one up. This isn’t what I’m trying to say.

Anyone can polish thoughts on paper. Ten commandments and choice within a thousand pages of just how hard that is. There’s Job. There’s work. And in the end I think I’m no worse than Peter. I think to write is to praise to write as the psalms. Sure, but who wrote the psalms? Does it matter? Whoever wrote their thoughts as prayers. Thoughts as prayers. Thoughts and prayers. This implies thoughts are prayers. But that’s between me and God?

The artist creates a series of juxtaposed symbols:

A series of symbols, when correctly placed, convey meaning. A series of symbols, when placed with precision, alters the perception of the observer. A series of symbols, when placed in a particular order, is internalized by the observer. A series of symbols, when perceived at an order and speed, alters perception. The specificity of the order creates meaning, which again alters perceptions. A series of symbols in certain juxtapositions…when a series of symbols are juxtaposed meaning is conveyed once understood. Understood juxtaposed symbols. Juxtaposed symbols can be perceived without being understood. A series of juxtaposed symbols, when juxtaposed to be understood can create meaning to the observer. A series of juxtaposed symbols creates meaning the observer understands based on their interpretation of prior symbols. Juxtaposed symbols create meaning based on juxtaposed symbols. Meaning is created in layers of juxtaposed symbols. Meaning is created when layers of juxtaposed symbols are internalized by an observer. Layers of symbols build symbols. Okay: this is all dandy as candy and all, but when does this become art? Is art the layering of symbols in specific orders? Is art juxtaposing symbols in the correct order? Is art juxtaposing symbols in an order that incites deeper internalization. Is art the internalizing of juxtaposed symbols? Or what the fuck ever.

One on running joke:

It’s me again! Were you expecting someone new? I sure hope not, because then I wouldn’t be there for you, to creep up on you, to remind you, least you forget, that you are the satire. That what you could have been’s the joke of what you’ve become. So, be ever so thankful I have a sense of humor. And remember! when you’re down, I’m up, up, up. How low can you go? How high can I get!? Sweet demon, I’m good looking looking good for a good time call… I’ll never be long distance. Me and you. No distance. Me and you are one.

Art is all truths. Reality one.

Q: Fiction is progression. Reality is progression. Fiction is the beginning and end, pruned and planted. Reality is the vine running wild, and when cut back finds another branch, more ground to cover. A: Reality is the lie that makes art truth. Art is reality perfected. Art is the seed that spawns humanity. The vine and the tree entangled. Run wild, prune, run wild, grow. Reality is choosing one.